Introducing the Yoga Nidra: Moving Throguh States of Consciousness Masterclass

This self-paced, online program is deisnged to give you the tools you need to begin or amplify your very own Yoga Nidra practice.

Here's what you'll get in the Yoga Nidra: Moving Through States of Consciousness Masterclass

You will get instant access to 5+ hours of video lessons, audio recordings, webinar replays, pdf downloads, 24/7 email support, and all of the tips you need to get started with or amplify your practice.

  • Four 45-60 Minute Downloadable Yoga Nidra Sessions

  • A 10 Minute Downloadable Guided Relaxation

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to start a practice of Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra History, Science, Philosophy, Higher States of Consciousness

  • Five Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Hours for Certified Yoga Teachers

What's included in this course

When you sign up, you are getting access to a curated learning journey filed with video lessions, audio recordings, learning templates, live webinar replays and more!

  • 1

    Welcome to the Yoga Nidra Online Course!

    • Welcome to Yoga Nidra: Moving Through States of Consciousness

    • Course Overview

    • Reflection & Course Goals

    • How To Use This Course

    • Your Instructor(s)

  • 2

    Session 1: Introduction to Yoga Nidra

    • Lesson 1A: The Nature of the Self: Video Introduction & Visualization

    • Lesson 1B: The Nature of the Self

    • Lesson 2: What is Yoga Nidra? (Video)

    • Lesson 3: What is Yoga Nidra (Text)

    • Lesson 4: The Eight Limbs of Yoga

    • Lesson 5: The Benefits of Yoga Nidra

    • Lesson 6: Ramifications of Stress

    • Lesson 7: Links & Research

    • What is Yoga Nidra: Module Recap (Downloadable)

  • 3

    Module Two: The Practice

    • Lesson 1: Guidelines for Practice

    • Lesson 2: Preparation & Calling for Protection

    • Lesson 3: The Sankalpa

  • 4

    Module Three: Guided Yoga Nidra Practices

    • The Practices

    • Guided Relaxation (Preparation for Yoga Nidra - Downloadable)

    • Yoga Nidra (Full Session with Background Music - Downloadable)

    • Yoga Nidra (Full Session without Background Music - Downloadable)

    • Yoga Nidra (Short Session with Background Music - Downloadable)

    • Yoga Nidra (Short Session without Background Music - Downloadable)

    • Consistency is Key

  • 5

    Module Four: Higher States of Consciousness

    • Lesson 1: The Seven States of Consciousness

    • Lesson 2: Experiencing Higher States

  • 6

    Bonus: Live Webinars

    • Live Event #1 [Recording - Video & Audio] - Nov 30th, 2020

    • Live Event #1 [Audio Only - Full Event Recording] - Nov 30th, 2020

    • Live Event #1 [Yoga Nidra Session Only] - Nov 30th (Downloadable)

    • Live Event #2 [Recording - Video & Audio] - December 21st, 2020

    • Live Event #2 [Yoga Nidra Session Only - Audio] - December 21st, 2020 (Downloadable)

    • Register for upcoming Live Events [Yoga Nidra] - REGISTRATION OPEN

  • 7

    Bonus: Yoga Nidra Album

    • Yoga Nidra: Moving Through States of Consciousness Album

  • 8

    Next Steps...

    • Additional Resources

    • Course Survey

    • Thank You! Course Complete!

    • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (for YA Certified Yoga Teachers)

    • Graphic Downloads

Plus these FREE resources

All of these services and recordings are provided at no extra charge as part of the program

  • Yoga Nidra: Moving Through States of Consciousness [Album]

    $21 value

    Complimentary access to Shannon's recorded 1 hour Yoga Nidra Album.

  • Recorded Live Webinar Sessions

    $75 value

    Access to recorded live Yoga Nidra informational and experiential sessions given by Shannon.

  • 21 & 40 Day Practice Programs w/ Email Support

    $150 value

    Choose between a 21 day or 40 day Yoga Nidra practice program with full email support from the instructor.

Meet Your Instructor

Our lead instructor for this course has over 15 years experience in the wellness field and has taught over 8000 classes, Yoga Nidra and Primordial Sound Meditation, being her specialty.

Shannon Smadella

Rev. Shannon Smadella B.MSc., YACEP, ERYT500, [Lead Instructor]

Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Teacher & Advisor, 5th Generation Usui /Holy Fire III® Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Chopra PSM Instructor, Advanced Akashic Reader, CEO of Insight Global. Shannon is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (ERYT-500) and former multiple studio owner with over 8000 hours of teaching and fifteen years of experience. She has worked with thousands of clients in Life/Wellness Coaching from all over the world. She has been trained in many different healing modalities and teaches a very traditional practice to facilitate and hold space for one’s direct connection to source energy and their higher self. Read more:

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Yoga Nidra is an amazingly healing tool. I've personally used it for my own healing experience and still use it in my daily practice. The contents that I've put together for your in this course, will help you not only understand what Yoga Nidra is, but WHY Yoga Nidra.... I'll also show you how to start your own practice, in a safe and comfortable way. Yoga Nidra is an immensely transformative practice. You can do this!